Mission Statement

Ralph D. Warren is an author, screenwriter, producer, public speaker and is the CEO of GoodLyfe Entertainment, who envisions that all people, and especially minorities enter into the goodlyfe by exercising the true meaning of freedom by abstaining from crime and violence and thereby improve the quality of life within the communities and ultimately within the world. Ralph believes that entertainment is the gateway to make the soul glad.  When people are happy they tend to commit less crime and tend to be less violent.  His vision is to bring engaging and exciting stories and conflict, either mainstream or within a niche that will churn the mind, that heat of the heart and make one's senses tingle. 


It is his aim to always entertain yet at the same time compel you to think about the underlying message and the characters and how you identify with them within their conflict.


For we know, where this no conflict, there is no story.